1. Positive Vibration – Radio Panorama launchs “Positive Vibration Reggae Awards 2013”. We ask users for voting the best Italian and not-Italian reggae album/EP produced exclusively from 1 December 2011 to 31 November 2012. All the productions in Roots Reggae, New Roots, Dub and Dub Poetry, Lovers Rock style are considered “Reggae albums/EPs”.

2. “Positive Vibration Reggae Awards 2013” is made up of two sections: “Positive Vibration Reggae Awards 2013 – Italian Section” and “Positive Vibration Reggae Awards 2013 – Not-Italian Section”.

Albums/EPs produced in Italy during the period above mentioned are included in the first section.

Albums/EPs produced in the rest of the world during the period above mentioned are included in the second section.

3. Users can take part to “Positive Vibration Reggae Awards 2013” through the application “Contest” developed by Code Rubik Inc. in the Facebook platform. The “Positive Vibration Reggae Awards 2013” dedicated page is reachable at http://apps.facebook.com/my-contests/pvra13 .

4. There are two questions: the first question is about the best italian reggae album. The second one is about the bet not-Italian reggae album. Users can express only ONE preference for each question. Users are identified by the Contest application through Facebook ID. Votes are NOT secret for openness reasons.

5. Users can express their votes from 27 December 2012 to 16 February 2013.

6. It’s possible adding albums/EPs not listed, but congruent with features mentioned in Artt. 1-2 during the votation period too. Admission can be possible sending a notice by email to positive.vibration@radiopanorama.info . An answer will be sent that will confirm the admission or, otherwise, the exclusion reason.

7. Official results will be publicized within 18 February 2013 on the site www.radiopanorama.info and in the Positive Vibration Official Facebook Page ( http://www.facebook.com/radiopositivevibration ).

8. Positive Vibration – Radio Panorama will dedicate AT LEAST an episode about “Positive Vibration Reggae Awards 2013” results in days after the contest closure, with the possibility to interview winner artists.

9. Radio Panorama will insert in radio daily rotation some tracks of the winners albums/EPs.

10. “Positive Vibration Reggae Awards 2013” isn’t anyway sponsored, supported, associated or administrated by Facebook. Facebook isn’t anyway responsible towards users.

11. Every question, comment or grievance about “Positive Vibration Reggae Awards 2013” has to be address to Positive Vibration – Radio Panorama email positive.vibration@radiopanorama.info or sending a message to the Positive Vibration Official Facebook Page ( http://www.facebook.com/radiopositivevibration ).